ERNDIMQA - Control Materials

ERNDIM offers control materials that can be used for internal quality control. The range of analytes is approximately the same as for the corresponding ERNDIM schemes. A set control material consists of 6 vials with low and 6 vials with high concentrations. Control materials are available for amino acids, organic acids, purines and pyrimidines, special assays in serum, special assays in urine and acylcarnitines. The range might be expanded in future, guided by requests of ERNDIM participants. For batch specific information please click on the lines below.
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Amino Acids Kit
Purines & Pyrimidines
Organic Acids Kit
Special Assays in Serum kit
Special Assays in Urine kit
Acylcarnitines kit
Homocysteine set
Pterins in Urine kit
Reports for Amino Acids, Organic Acids, Special Assays in Serum and Acylcarnitines.
ERNDIM offers users of control materials a data management system (Note: this is an option to serve users; users do not have the obligation to use it). The strength of this system is that it does not only monitor the data of the laboratory but also compares the labs results with results of labs using the same batch of internal control materials.
In essence users can submit results every time they do an analytical run with the control material and then download two reports.
·         The Review Day Report shows the results of the last run in comparison to
a) the acceptance limits set by the lab,
b) the mean of all previous runs of the lab
c) the mean of all laboratories.
 By clicking on the name of a specific analyte in the report, Shewhart charts of that analyte are shown.
·         The Cumulative Table report shows the cumulative data of the lab.
For explanation of this option to manage internal quality control, please go to the button “Use Website” under the General Information button.
Click Here for information  ERNDIM Internal Quality Control System, letter November 2018